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Terms and Conditions

If you are interested in using our zooogames website for playing games then you have to understand and agree with our Terms and Conditions. If you are not agree with our Terms and Conditions, then you can stop using this site. The Terms and Conditions are given below.

Age Limit

There is no age limit to access our zooogames, people of all age can access and play games in our website. The aim of creating the website is to provide endless fun to the users.

Games presented in zooogames are suitable for all users like boys, girls, kids also for all ages.

User Rules

All users need to know our rules and regulations. The aim of creating this website is to provide happiness to users. The users are held solely responsible for all the actions that they perform. Users found posting pornographic contents, materials, articles, as well as links will automatically get banned from making use of the conditions rendered by our site.

Inappropriate behavior and inappropriate language is strictly prohibited at zooogames website, and we do not take responsibility for that of user posting, contents, etc,..


zooogames website reserves rights to modify the Terms and Conditions of our website at any time. zooogames website employs its own discretion to insert or edit modifications, when the site deems such changes.

As a user, you should pore over the Terms and Conditions periodically to take note of the changes and to know if modifications are done to the Terms and Conditions at our zooogames website.

Intellectual Property Ownership

zooogames executes control over the contents of our site, which include text, design, animation, photograph, images, audio, database, concepts, ideas and other related intellectual properties.

zooogames is also protective of its own properties and does not tolerate misuse of the same.

By using zooogames, you agree to stay away from undesirable activities such as republishing, reproducing, transmitting, downloading, copying, selling proprietary materials, without the written consent of zooogames.


Users take responsibility in revealing their personal information to others. zooogames advises the users to take parental guidance before involving in such communications that demand exposure of personal details. zooogames is not responsible for the consequences of such communications.

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